My Digital Marketing Internship Experience

My name is Danielle Fisher and I am a sophomore studying Marketing and Communications at Elon University in North Carolina. This Winter Term I took a leap out of small-town North Carolina into the beautiful and bustling city of Los Angeles. As a content marketing intern for Digital Niche Agency this past month I have learned so many invaluable skills and lessons. I am heading back to the east coast with experience, marketing knowledge, office skills, and a west coast state of mind.

There are so many aspects of Marketing

From the very first day of the internship, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and into the world of marketing at DNA. As a sophomore in college, an experience like this is career- defining. I learned all about marketing in classes at school, but just like everyone always says, the real world is very different. I was introduced to all the sectors of marketing and met the team members from each department. My specific focus was on Content Marketing, where I learned the value of content planning, strategy, social posting. I constructed a content calendar project, start to finish, for the agency’s socials. I honed in on conceptual skills I didn’t know I had and learned tactical skills and advanced features of excel while doing so. I learned the value of content marketing to stimulate interest and engagement. Coming into this internship, I had no idea how many divisions of marketing there was, now however I have witnessed digital marketing, content marketing, ad buying, influencer marketing, and direct marketing all come together in the agency.

Teamwork works!

Attending weekly meetings where the whole team met to discuss the past week’s events is where I really developed a thorough understanding of DNA as a whole. I was so inspired by everyone’s dedication and passion for the agency. I also observed first-hand the meaning of teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. I discovered the power of communication as problems were discussed and solved in a matter of minutes at the table. This team mentality will definitely stick with me as continue with my career.

New Skills

Of course, the most important to get out of an internship is new knowledge, I can confidently say I got plenty of that! At DNA, I was able to sharpen my current skills and broaden my skill set. I was introduced to new software’s, techniques and routines. I studied the software’s used for marketing to gain a deeper understanding of how it is done. I was handed my own projects to work on which was both challenging and rewarding. I was encouraged to share my ideas- which were used and appreciated. Throughout my time at DNA all of my work was relevant to my career path, and I developed skills that will help me for the rest of my life!

As my time at Digital Niche Agency comes to an end, I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work for an amazing agency. I am heading back to school with a better understanding of content marketing, teamwork, and marketing as a whole. With this, I am more inspired and excited than ever to pursue my career!

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