5 Swimsuit Brands you NEED to Check out this Spring Break Season.

So, spring break is finally upon us, meaning it’s time to find those perfect swimsuits that are going to be your favorites this spring and summer. I (a swimsuit obsessed and summer loving teen) have complied a list of my favorite stores to find bikinis and one pieces. SO here they are: 

Boohoo.com – A click on to boohoo’s swim and beachwear page and you have pages and pages worth of this season’s hottest bikinis, one pieces, and even cover-ups. My personal favorite thing about boohoo.com is their “mix and match” option, which makes it super easy to pick the perfect fitting top and perfect style bottom. Boohoo’s swimsuits are also super affordable, just make sure to be aware of the shipping option you chose because I’ve waited quite a while to get some stuff from here!

L*space Swimwear- These bathing suits are a little on the pricey side but they are TO DIE FOR. Not only do these swimsuits fit perfectly but they are amazing quality and super cute. If you don’t want to buy directly from their website/ if you’re like me and would prefer to try your bathing suits on first check out Billabong or Nordstrom.


PINK (Victoria’s Secret) – Yes, you heard it here first ladies, PINK by Victoria’s Secret is back to selling swimwear. Very exciting stuff. Anyways, PINK’s spring break section is cuter than ever this year, and I cannot wait to see their summer stuff too.

Triangl- Unless you have been living under a rock or don’t own an Instagram you have probably seen Triangl swimwear all over your feed during the warmer months. I own quite a few triangl swimsuits and they are definitely one of my favorite brands. They are expensive but they definitely do not lack in quality. Some of my favorite styles this year are their velvet swimsuits and bright pink strapless bikini’s. I guarantee you will see these all over Instragam this season!

Aerie- I’m not usually a big fan of Aerie by American Eagles swimsuit styles but this year I’m obsessed. Their ruffle scoop bikini top reminds me of something straight off of a beach in Italy (heart eyes) and their collection this year is both affordable and adorable. Also, their one-piece section has suits for all different body types and they are all amazing. I am definitely going to be grabbing a few swimsuits from Aerie this year.

There you have it, those are my top picks for swimsuits this year! Let me know if you know of any stores I should check out. Check out my instagram to see some suits from these stores in action! @danielle.fisher

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