Road Trip Essentials

This weekend I embarked on a 10 hour road trip to North Carolina from New Jersey. Typing my destination into google maps and seeing an estimated arrival time 10 hours later was definitely daunting, I am much more of an airplane type of girl when it comes to trips like this. But this trip called for a car. So I packed up my long champ bag and downloaded a bunch of jams onto my Spotify playlist and set off. I decided why not take this rare opportunity of me road tripping to share some of my essentials with you guys.

First and foremost, I packed my new fuzzy half zip sweatshirt, which I have been wearing wayyyy too often lately. I also had to pack gum, I am low-key obsessed with gum and kind of can’t leave the house without it lol. Next in the bag was a hat, because lets be honest being in a car for long periods of time definitely doesn’t make for the best hair day. I grabbed my makeup bag and stuffed it with my IT Cosmetics powder and concealer as well as my favorite mascara.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

All of the above as well as the much needed leggings and chargers and I was basically set. The only other necessity was music. Quick shout out to my spotify (danifisher15) if your curious what songs I listened to for those 10 hours. So yeah, those are my road trip essentials. I hope they are helpful if you are embarking on a trip anytime soon. As for me- as much fun as driving down the east coast was, I’m hoping I won’t be in a car for that long for a while now.

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